Unforgettable 3 Day Backpacking Trips California

Are you planning to go on 3 day backpacking trips California? Well, California, in fact, has a lot of places you should visit especially if you love hiking and stargazing. In this article, we will show you what things you can and should do if you plan to explore California for only three days.

The Itineraries

When it comes 3 day backpacking trips California, you need to keep in mind that the state is bigger than Germany. In order to reach Mexico, it takes 12 hours to drive from the northern border. It is important to stay realistic when you plan your trips and you can focus on the travel interest as well. And you will also need the presence of a car to ease your mobilization unless you want to go car-less which will take about at least one week of trips.

3-Day California Itinerary

3 day backpacking trips California

This itinerary of 3 day backpacking trips California would work really well especially if you go during the winter in California. You can book an open-jaw flight to LAX airport. From Los Angeles, you can spend one day to explore some areas you love the most. We also recommend you to visit Orange County as well.

If you want to surf and go to the beach, you may consider Newport Beach, Venice Beach, and Malibu. And if you go south to San Diego, you should make a stop at Encinitas and Oceanside. Those beach areas are perfect spots for a beach break. Also, Torrey Pines States Park would be a good thing to try for a day hike.

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Ending the Trip

The 3 day backpacking trips California can be ended in San Diego. You can sip on margaritas and eat tacos while enjoying the sunshine. It is one of the most fun yet laidback cities that people would enjoy even compared to LA. This is why we recommend you to spend more time in this place especially if you are up for surf and sun for sure.

More than Three Days

If you have more than 3 days for the 3 day backpacking trips California, we highly recommend you to spend more time to explore the whole city or stop by at the Joshua Tree Park and Palm Springs. Palm Strings is basically a popular destination for those who love weekends, bachelorette parties, and people who love to chill out by the pool. Golfers also love this place for sure.

We would say that Joshua Tree National Park is massively gorgeous. You cannot miss this out especially if you love hiking, stargazing, camping, nature, climbing, and strange formations of rocks. As we have mentioned earlier, this itinerary should be visited especially if you plan to go during the winter.

Actually, you can go to a lot more places if you have more than five days during the backpacking trips. If you have at least one week for backpacking trips, you can even go car-less and explore places for more than one day. Still, it is always worth to try 3 day backpacking trips California.

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Unforgettable 3 Day Backpacking Trips California