15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Decorating a bedroom is always be an exciting project for everyone. It is about creating your comfort zone where you can get relax and enjoy doing things. But, making a beautiful look and comfy environment is not easy. There are a lot of things to be decided, so, these several master bedroom design ideas are aimed to enrich your reference.

Three main points while decorating your room are the styles, the materials, and the features. Everything inside your room should reflect who you are. It doesn’t matter even your space is so limited. You can play with lighting and painting. The brighter your room, the larger it will look. For more advice, read this whole article about master bedroom design ideas.

15 Master Bedroom Design Ideas That Transform Your Room

All the master bedroom design ideas are applicable in both large and small room. We already selected ideas which can transform your room. Also, all the ideas are very easy to follow. Don’t be worry about the cost and any other sources. Those are able to adjust based on your budget. Now, have a seat and take some notes. Maybe you find something to be customized with your current condition.

1. Luxury Round Bed Mattress

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 1
source: ig/bedrooms_of_insta/

Change your interior bedroom starts from the bed. It is common using a square bed mattress. Now is the time to around a bed mattress. Your bedroom will be unique. Not all people are brave enough to apply one of these master bedroom design ideas. This would be more stunning when you add pillows and curtain as decoration.

2. Colorful Background

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 2
source: ig/bedrooms_of_insta/

Try to apply the colorful background to make it looks more cheerful. Choose at least three bright colors. You can use the wallpaper or paint the wall by yourself. Also, it is your call to make it abstract or certain pictures, such as flowers, sky, or anything. Once the wall finished painted, you can move to the bed linens. Pick the right color combination will make your room very cool.

3. Dim Light with Lanterns

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 3
source: ig/litlifelights/

Bright lighting is good to make your room wider. But if you combine it with lanterns decoration, your bedroom will be more perfect. The bright lighting is useful when you turn on the lamp. When you want to get relax in sleeping, just change into the lanterns. They are one of good master bedroom design ideas to make your room feel cozy.

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4. Wooden Wall

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 4
source: ig/furnishing_touch

The wooden decoration is always included as the best option for room project. Applying wooden material gives you a sensation like being down to earth. It is calming, simple, and relaxing. Combine your bedroom interior with wooden floor too. Also, don’t use too many colors there. Pick white or light brown would be very harmonious.

5. Brickwork Wall

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 5
source: ig/furnishing_touch

Have a finishing touch with brickwork wall is one of the best master bedroom design ideas. Just like the wooden wall, applying a brickwork wall makes you feel like united with nature. You might use the wallpaper based or real brickwork as the wall. When you use the real brickwork, paint it with its natural color to keep them feel real.

6. Minimalism Glass Space

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 6
source: ig/hamihomey

Are you dreaming about a simplicity space? Then, the room is completed with minimalism decoration, natural touch, and a sense of intimacy. If you desire to renovate your room like that, this idea is worth to try. Closer your space, pick one color and put a natural touch there. Use glass materials as a wall in one side to make the room lighter. No need another separator instead of using a transparent curtain.

7. Botanical Decoration

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 7
source: ig/wall26

Have you ever imagine hanging a real plant on your bedroom wall? One of our master bedroom design ideas is using the real plant for your interior decoration. Don’t get confused, you just need to pick the right plants and place them in the pots. Using bamboo pot will make your room feels more natural. This botanical decoration is suitable for everyone who craves calmness.

8. 3D Design Interior Wall

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 8
source: ig/dsk_michaels

Make your bedroom looks more contemporary by 3D wall design. Pick colors which show you an urban representation. If you get a bit confused, you can search for pop culture as your reference. Harmonize the wall colors with your other interior theme, like the lamp, the linens, and the furniture.

9. Darkness Warm Atmosphere

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 9

Another out of the box in master bedroom design ideas is making a darkness warm atmosphere. When you think make a lighter and wider space is so common, then try this idea now. Be careful in choosing the wall color. Even though you want to create a darkness warm situation, you should combine it with a little light item. For example, give a touch of white lanterns or a soft warm carpet.

10. Monochrome Interior Style

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 10
source: ig/luxdeco

Apply another way to make your room wider with the monochrome theme. We assure you are going to love this. White and black are two colors which allowed in your room. If you want to dominate with white or black is also okay. The motive will be symmetric. This style is suitable for minimalism personality.

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11. Garden World Decoration

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 11
source: https://www.instagram.com/modernbedspace/

Something with nature touched is not always symbolized with plants. Make your bedroom full of the flower will also give the same atmosphere. There are so many master bedroom design ideas using the flower as the main decoration. Some people combine it with wooden element or brickwork. The more natural the interior and accessories, the comfier it is.

12. Open-Space Bedroom Style

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 12
source: ig/idei.bg

Do you have an open space in your home? No matter it is wide or not, just try to make that place becomes your bedroom. It is a little bit unique indeed, but what is wrong to try. You can change the wall with a huge transparent glass. Don’t forget to design a mini garden outside. So, your eyes will be indulged with a fresh plant scenery in the morning.

13. Bohemian Design

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 13
source: ig/ettitudestore

Minimalist could be applied with a certain theme. The bohemian theme is one of the great ideas. Picking this theme makes your bedroom feels shady, simple, humble, and relaxing. Master bedroom design ideas with bohemian styles have a special characteristic which is the fabric. There will always be fabric hang on the wall. Even only on the one side or more.

14. Space-Saving Design

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 14
source: ig/sospace_co

Having limited space doesn’t mean you cannot renovate the room. As the opposite, it requires your creativity on how to tweak the room and maximize it. Hanging on the bed is now applied by some people. Besides it gives you more privacy, you will have extra room for sofa, TV, cupboard, or anything. Like the theme, you can also design what you want. But one thing to be remembered, make it as minimalist as you can. Because if you put many accessories or decoration, your room will feel so crowd.

15. Ocean Life Bedroom

15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas 15
source: ig/theworlduponyou

A full painted wall is not only suitable for children room. Many master bedroom design ideas now are making the wall full of pictures. If you want to apply something different, why don’t you try to paint fully deep ocean underwater life? Whenever you lie your body, you will feel like at the bottom of the sea. It is calming and beautiful. To make it feels more natural, make a wooden floor as your interior.

Those are our master bedroom design ideas which transform your room becomes a beautiful and cozy space. Have you noted some important things to be adjusted? Now is the time to make a list of what you should do. Have a nice try! We hope all ideas above can light up your mind.

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15 Beautiful and Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas