5 Best Places to Move with No Money

Basically, there are several best places to move with no money so you can start over and get a fresh life. Some circumstances might force you to move across the country and start a new life. However, looking at a place to start when you have no money and no job would be a bit difficult to tame. So, if you have no money but need to start a new life in a new place, we have several recommendations for cities you should try.

best places to move with no money

#1 Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is the first name on the list of the best places to move with no money. This place is remarkably affordable for a year round. It gets a bit expensive during April because The Masters or a golf tournament is annually held. Compared to other places, the housing cost in Augusta is 26.5 percent lower. Besides, it is not expensive to get food in this city.

#2 Kansas City, Missouri

If you need to start over a new life, Kansas City is another place to consider too. The living cost is fairly low and the sales tax is only 7.73 percent. On the other hand, the income tax is only 6 percent. Averagely, buying a house in this city is around USD 160,000 while renting is USD 725. Compared to the national average, those numbers are definitely lower. The weather is great and Google will even install a high-speed internet for the whole city.

#3 Omaha, Nebraska

The next place you should take a look is Omaha. It is basically resided by young people and the living cost is relatively cheap. On the other hand, there are 12 universities and colleges located in this city. The living cost is 11 percent lower than in the United States. Talking about the weather, this city has such clean air while the nightclubs are also plenty.

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#4 Harlingen, Texas

If you want to start a new life while you have no money or job, you should take a look at Harlingen. Located in Texas, this city’s living cost is 18.4 percent lower than the national average. This place is even the cheapest place to stay in the whole United States considering the housing is also cheap.

#5 Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is basically the biggest city in Tennessee. However, the price is not for big cities, generally. The housing price is considerably cheap especially if we compare it with other big cities in the United States. There are several universities and colleges in this city along with a few big companies. You would not miss any sports if you live here. So, if you even want to live in a big city while you have no money, you can consider Memphis as one of the places you should try in the United States.

Moving out from your parent’s house is kind of cool. However, it could be a bit difficult if you have no money. As long as you can save up or sell your stuff, you can later figure out the best places to move with no money.

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5 Best Places to Move with No Money