Can A Backpack Be Checked Luggage for Travelling Aboard?

Backpacking offers many interesting things to experience. Adventure is the core of this kind of lightweight traveling. However, all backpackers always have the similar question whenever they have to ride an airplane to the destination country. Can a backpack be checked luggage? The answer is yes. You can check in your backpack as luggage. But before you do that, you need to know several things about this matter.

The Risk of Checking in Your Backpack as Luggage

Usually, the backpack doesn’t have security features like travel case. For example, it doesn’t have a special key and locks like what you can find on the travel case. You can buy a padlock and use it on your backpack zipper. But, it won’t give it enough protection against a thief that might steal your belonging you keep in the backpack when your backpack is being transported.
Can A Backpack Be Checked Luggage

The Solution

With that kind of risk, can a backpack be checked luggage without having a problem? Yes, you can do it. But, you need to do some preventive measure for protecting your belonging. Here is what you need to do.

Remove the electronic gadget

Remove the electronic gadget, including the charger and its cable that you carry in your backpack. Carry it in a small bag that you can bring to the plane. When the officer checks the luggage using the scanner, if they find the cable and object that looks like an electronic device, there is a big chance that they will open your backpack and check it directly. So, to avoid your backpack being opened, use this prevention method.

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Tie your strap together

Can a backpack be checked luggage without having a risk to lose or arriving late to the destination? Yes, you can do it. One of the methods you can use is tying the backpack strap together. This will protect your bag from being stuck on the conveyor belt that moves the luggage around in the airport.

Place important item deep inside the backpack

If you keep important items in your backpack, make sure you place it deep inside the backpack. Place it right in the middle and surrounded by other items, such as clothes or shoes. It will cover that important item from being seen and detected.

Use a plastic bag

Can a backpack be checked luggage and protect it easily? Yes, you can use a plastic bag to cover the whole backpack before checking it in as luggage at the airport. However, as a backpacker, maybe this method doesn’t match your environmental friendly travel principal. So, use it as a last resort.


Can a backpack be checked luggage? Yes, you can do it. And all the methods that we explained above will help you to do it easily. However, many backpackers are preferred to carry the backpack with them. It is more comfortable and the adventure atmosphere is felt stronger this way. But, if you think that your backpack is too big for the compartment inside the airplane, you can use the method above and check it in as luggage.

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Can A Backpack Be Checked Luggage for Travelling Aboard?