Things to Know before Moving to Boston without a Job

There are things you need to know and think about before moving to Boston without a job. You also need to consider whether or not you should move to Boston. It is a fact that many people would try anything they could to move to Boston.

moving to boston without a job
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Find a place to stay where you will spend your time the most

We would say that Boston is a city full of commuters, which makes you need to consider and make a plan about where to reside carefully. If later you are planning to work in the city, it would be better if your home is close to your workplace. Ideally, you will take a walk or bike to reach your workplace later. Trains are good but make sure you do not take more than one train to reach your workplace even though now you are moving to Boston without a job.

Best places to live in Boston

Beacon Hill

Located to the northeast of the Back Bay right across from the Boston Commons and Boston Public Garden It’s a beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is arguably one of the prettiest neighborhoods. This place consists of historical row houses and cobblestone streets with some street lights occupied by gases. Averagely, it costs USD 3,000 per month for 2-bedroom rent.

South Boston

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South Boston is another place you can consider. This place was initially full of Iris Catholic residence but now young families live here too. It costs around USD 2,500 per month for 2-bedroom rent. It is important to plan anything before moving to Boston without a job.

Parks in South Boston

Thomas Park
Also known as Dorchester Heights, the park is also used to commemorate the battle that drove out England from Boston.

M Street Park

M Street Park became the hunter of the architecture because it has a beautiful stone building where the buildings overlook the park on the south side of the park

South Boston Maritime Park

Spacious garden consisting of green fields, parks, trees and benches. There are artworks along the street featuring various motifs. One of the parks that you must visit with your family if you are visiting in Boston.

Joe Moakley Park.

It has a football field as well as a baseball field, and if you like to run here also provides a jogging track. Have easy access for you to enjoy with your family.

Back Bay

The next one is the Back Bay. This area is known for affluent families and community members. You may need to pay a bit more if you want to stay in this area. It costs around USD 3,500 for 2-bedroom rent.

Back Bay Fens is a beautiful park located on the southern edge, Back Bay Fens are part of the Boston Emerald Necklace

The Charles River Reservation is a tributed between the Charles and Storrow drives on the northern border of the Back Bay

Know your rights as a Boston tenant

So, if you are moving to Boston without a job and decided to rent a house, you need to know your rights as a tenant. You will run into so many inexperienced landlords after all. This is why it is better to have an owner-occupied landlord after all.

Things to know before renting

The housing market is so competitive and people would use a real estate agent service to find rentals. However, you should pay them a fee as much as the amount of one month’s rent. On the other hand, you still need to pay your landlord for your rent along with a security deposit.

If you go to Boston and find a house rent for college, you better start your hunting before September 1st. That time is always being the busiest time for moving in and moving out in this city.

Figure out how you can afford the living cost

You might be just moving to Boston without a job but you need to find out how you will afford the living cost after all. Boston is definitely much more expensive compared to Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, LA, and Chicago.

The main factors that cause the living cost are higher include healthcare, utilities, and housing costs. And this is the end section of moving to Boston without a job.

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Things to Know before Moving to Boston without a Job