Tips on Moving to Miami with No Money

Talking about moving to Miami with no money would be something thrilling but kind of scary as well. Miami is basically a good place to stay if you love the skyscraper view, sunshine everywhere, and endless palm trees here and there. Also, moving to Miami could be pretty cheap.

So, if you want to know about moving to Miami with no money, you should read this article. We have some tips for you so you can enjoy your life there even if you currently have no money to start.

moving to miami with no money

Get rid of your car

If you will stay in the heart of the city, you will need no car at all. It is better if you sell your car already and save the money for later. Other than that, having no car will allow you to get rid of fuel, insurance, car payment, and parking as well. Miami is like a great place to explore the city on your feet or by a bike.

Please note that the weather in Miami is often hot. Cars are also required if you don’t like walking or using bicycles. You can also take advantage of car rental, for up to $50 or more. Or you can also use the Uber service, it’s cheaper than a car rental.

Trolley Miami
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You can also use the transportation provided by Miami, Trolley is a land transportation that you can access for free, but the trolley comes every 15 minutes, you can also put your bike behind the trolley if you are tired of using bicycles. Another free transportation is metromover, because metromover free transport and clean, many Miami residents use it, when working hours can be sure to be crowded.

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Rent a room

The best bet is putting up your stuff in a moving container or storage and then rent a room unless you are already familiar with the whole area. There are a lot of fine lines in the neighborhoods that define the bad and good areas. However, you cannot simply jump on conclusion as well. So, renting an affordable room for an extended stay would be great while you moving your stuff gradually.

What you need to know for renting in Miami

Documents required

    • Two copies of Photo ID ( Passport, Drivers license)
    • Pay Stubs or bank statements ( three most recent)
    • Credit Report
    • Recommendation letter from previous landlord
    • Short Bio of tenants

Monies due

    • 1 security deposit
    • Elevator deposit ( $250 – $500)  most cases it’s refundable in a few rare cases it’s not.
    • Application fee ($75 – $150 ) each applicant
    • 2 week minimum processing time and can take up to a month

If you need to rent yourself without a family you can rental a room, depending on the location and facilities, rental room from $100 to $2000 per month

Cheap and free stuff

Miami will allow you to survive even with minimal spending money. The main key is finding cheap and free stuff around the city. Free Wi-Fi is not available everywhere considering bars and coffee shops might require a purchase so you can get the pin code to access the wi-fi. However, some public libraries provide free Wi-Fi for sure.

Making a friend over drinks would be the best thing to do. However, if you do not want to get trapped in a huge tab bill, you can simply look for the happy hour in the city. Basically, there are plenty of places that provide a happy hour around the city.

Besides, walking around the park is very free. This way will allow you to refresh your mind and make friends if you are lucky and aggressive enough. Sometimes you will also find some free attractions and festivals on certain days.

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No hard to find Job in Miami

Someone expert from Miami says that getting a job in Miami is not difficult. If you are a professional who has a background, you will be easy to accept. If you are not a professional you need to note the following few things.

Some people say in Miami manners are still lacking. People arrive late at work, cancel the interview schedule suddenly, not to give info at all until it doesn’t come, and otherwise make the recruiter hard to find a good and reliable worker

To move to Miami without money at all this is actually a risky move, because of the cost of a budget and an inexpensive life you have to survive to find a job. If you already have a job you need to reconsider if you want to quit your job, even that job is not suitable for you.

Having a friend in Miami is highly recommended, good neighbors and Miami have a low criminal level. You need to look for some small work before looking for better, the recruiters are very pleased with applicants who have a good background, even if you have a lot of work, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your main job it can Prove that you are very hard worker.

Best places to stay in Miami

If you have time to dig a little more, you will find a great apartment in a very low price in a great neighborhood. Even if the prices seem too good to be true, these probably are. Of course, there are reasons why the apartment is empty. There are several neighborhoods you really want to get rid of no matter how cheap the apartment rent is. The areas include Kendall, Doral, North Miami Beach, Hialeah, Goulds, Carol City, Overtown, Liberty City, and Opa Locka. This is the end section on moving to Miami with no money.

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Tips on Moving to Miami with No Money