10+ Stunning Bullet Journal Ideas You Wouldn’t Like To Miss

In these digital ages, a smartphone is the ultimate multipurpose gadget that most people need. Aside from the communication purpose, it can also keep track for the schedule. But at the other hand, having everything in digital form could be boring and monotone. For that reason, a bullet journal might become the perfect way to put some analog as a color in your digital living. Not to mention with these stunning bullet journal ideas might help in decreasing your stress level:

Start with Index

Start With Index
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The first point in this bullet journal ideas list is the index page. Because you need this page to navigate your journal easily.

Hint: Add the index when you’re making a new entry. Also, don’t forget to put on the page with its description.

Pro >> Help you when you’re looking for a certain page

Con >> None

Take a Look on Your Yearly Agenda

Bullet Journal
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One of the most popular entry about the bullet journal ideas on the internet is the future log. Not to mention, by putting the actual calendar in the page would help you in identifying your schedule faster.

Hint: The best way make this kind of future plan layout is by utilizing your color tools, such as pencil color, pen color, or even color marker. Don’t forget to put significant colors in the page for each activity to differ.

Pro >> Easy to look when planning for the future

Con >> You need many coloring tools

Sneak Peek on Your Monthly Schedule

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After making the future log, you should put more detail in the monthly log. That way, it would be a lead to make the details in weekly log.

Hint: Write down on your goal for the month, the important event and task, and also the to-do list.  You could add an insert for the upcoming month at the bottom if you’re going to migrate the task for the next month.

Pro >> A throughout reminder for the month’s schedule

Con >> Sometime we put to many details and need more page

Track Your Activity with Weekly Log

Track Your Activity with Weekly Log
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It’s important to make your weekly log. The reason is that the weekly log could help you in organizing your weekly activity. Also, you could use this weekly log as guidance for making the daily log.

Hint: Only write down the important and essential task you have to do for each day.

Pro >> A quick sneak peek for on what you have for the days in the week.

Con >> None

Be More Details in the Daily Log

Be More Details in the Daily Log
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One of the bullet journal ideas you shouldn’t leave out is the daily log. With the daily log, you could put on more detailed to-do list.

Hint: To make the daily log different from the weekly log, you could add notes about your day. Also, you could put on some decorative designs.

Pro >> Keep track on your day in details note

Con >> Use up the whole page for one day entry

Healthy Habit Reminder

Healthy Habit Reminder
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Just like any other journal, you could put anything in the bullet journal, including the healthy habit reminder.

Hint: Make this kind of reminder for one month length tracker. Thus, repeat for the next month and next.

Pro >> Reminding for a good habit (or more)

Con >> If you’re a forgetful person, then you should have your journal at an arm length

Put on Travel Spread

Put on Travel Spread
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Another entry for the journal bullet ideas is dedicating some space for your travel journey. Thus, you could document your memory in words (and maybe picture).

Hint: It would be great if you have picture to pin in the journal.

Pro >> A fun way to memorize your ‘now’ experience

Con >> This page could be boring without picture to describe your travel

Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker
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The mood tracker might seem unimportant entry for the bullet journal. But it could help you in understanding yourself more, because you could look at on where your majority mood lean.

Hint: Use significant colors to differ each mood.

Pro >> Help you understanding yourself

Con >> Could be tiring

Monthly Section Bookmark

Monthly Section Bookmark
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Aside from the bullet journal ideas about the actual entries, you could also use a page for a section bookmark – for example, when you’re entering a new month.

Hint: You may go all out with this monthly section bookmark by putting sticker, doodle, and the likes.

Pro >> Help you to differ each month entry

Con >> Loose one page for each monthly section bookmark

Design with Sticker

Design with Sticker
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Putting some stickers in the bullet journal could put some color for the page. Aside from sticker, you could also use sticky notes or book marker.

Hint: Utilize the colorful sticker to design the bullet journal. Also, you could use some printed tape for additional designing tool.

Pro >> Fun to look

Con >> Might get confusing when you’re reading it in the future

Reading List

Reading List
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One of the most awesome bullet journal ideas is the reading list layout like in the picture. Instead of putting on the contemporary bullet list, this layout is more fun to watch.

Hint: Just draw the books at any size and any position.

Pro >> Fun way in making reading tracker

Con >> It’s hard to write and hard to read with the small sized font


Quotes Book
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It’s important to put on one or two quotes in the bullet journal. The reason is that you could get some motivation when reading it.

Hint: You don’t have to dedicate two pages worth of your journal for one quote. But you could put more quotes into it with smaller writing.

Pro >> For motivation

Con >> None

Spending Log

Spending Log
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One more thing you could take from the bullet journal ideas is the spending log. For that reason you could put a track on what you use your money for.

Hint: Don’t throw out the recipes before you write down the day’ spending.

Pro >> Help you to be more efficient in spending money

Con >> None

Watch List

Watch List
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Aside from the reading list, you could also make a fun way watch list tracker.

Hint: By drawing the movie ticket template, you could bring the movie vibe in your journal.

Pro >> An interesting way to keep track with the movies to watch

Con >> Might need to write in small letters if the movie have long title

Your Key

Your Key
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Most bullet journal has symbols to keep on track with the event and activity. Thus, the last thing that you shouldn’t forget from the bullet journal ideas is by making the key page.

Hint: Put this bullet journal key at the first or the last page. So, you could access it faster.

Pro >> The symbols reminder

Con >> None

There’s no exact rule on how you have to make the bullet journal. For that reason, you could the bullet journal ideas mentioned above as inspiration to make yours.


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10+ Stunning Bullet Journal Ideas You Wouldn’t Like To Miss